Founded in 2015, Groupfinance.com is a leading online financial planning and wealth management services provider with a focus on Chinese individuals or companies based in North America. The streamlined online financial service connects highly educated financial professionals with individuals or companies in need of financial advice.

Groupfinance.com offers fee-based personal financial planning packages clients can choose from. Groupfinance.com distributes a wide array of wealth management products, including fixed income products, private equity fund products, secondary market products and insurance products. Genesis Capital Management, the holding company of Groupfinance.com, is a Registered Investment Adviser and an alternative asset manager in the United States. Since 2013, Genesis Capital Management has developed proprietary investment strategies and built customized financial solutions to clients through a network of independent contractors across the country.

The management team has substantial experience of studying and living in the US. The team has owned financial products across nearly every asset classes. Therefore, the team has built an in-depth understanding of the financial products in the market and has a track record of providing quality financial solutions for clients.

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